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About the Polish Congress of Mechanics (PCM)

The idea of a Polish Congress of Mechanics was first suggested in 2005 by the Polish Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. The scope was intended to cover the whole range of problems of theoretical, experimental and computational mechanics as well as interdisciplinary issues, with industrial applications included. The first Congress held in 2007 in Warsaw was co-organized by the Warsaw University of Technology and the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of The Polish Academy of Sciences and co-chaired by Professors Józef Kubik, Włodzimierz Kurnik and Wojciech Nowacki. The second Congress held in 2011 in Poznań was organized by the Poznan University of Technology and co-chaired by Professors Adam Hamrol, Włodzimierz Kurnik and Wiesław Nagórko.

About the Conference of Computer Methods in Mechanics (CMM)

The 21st International Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics continues the 44-year series of conferences dedicated to numerical methods and their applications to the mechanics-based problems. The meetings, organized biannually since 1973 provide a forum for presentation and discussion of new ideas referring to the theoretical background and practical applications of computational mechanics.

In 2015, the 3rd PCM and the 21st CMM will be a joint scientific event: PCM–CMM–2015!

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