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1. Abramowicz M.: The application of model parameter estimation method to detect connection damage in a steel-concrete beam using modal force residuals
2. Abu-Salih S.: An analytical study of electromechanical buckling of micro spherical thin film bonded to a spherical compliant substrate
3. Adamczyk W., Białecki R.A., Kruczek T.: Inverse, non-destructive technique of retrieving conductivity of orthotropic materials
4. Adamkowski A., Henclik S., Janicki W., Lewandowski M.: Laboratory investigation of the influence of pipeline supports stiffness on water hammer and fluid-structure interaction
5. Adamowicz A.: Thermo-mechanical stresses in a brake disc
6. Adeleye O., Fakinlede O., Ajiboye J., Adegbulugbe C.: Viscoelastic-viscoplastic material model for nonlinear deformation of dental resin composites
7. Al. Sabouni-Zawadzka A., Gilewski W.: Technical coefficients for continuum models of orthotropic tensegrity modules
8. Alawdin P., Marcinowski J.: Analytical solution and numerical simulation of borehole ground heat exchangers for geothermal heat pump systems: ground influence zone
9. Alawdin P., Mordich A.I, Muzychkin J.A.: Experimental and numerical analysis of precast-monolithic building floors under in-plane loading
10. Ambroziak A.: Experimental tests for the determination of mechanical properties of PVC foil
11. Ardatov O., Maknickas A., Alekna V., Kacianauskas R.: Finite element stress analysis of lumbar vertebrae body during osteoporotic degradation
12. Argatov I., Mishuris G.: Impact-induced fissuring of articular cartilage: an asymptotic modelling study
13. Awrejcewicz J., Starosta R., Sypniewska-Kamińska G.: Regular vibration of the oscillator with two nonlinear serially connected springs – asymptotic approach
14. Badur J., Chróścielewski J.: On a four-time unification of Cosserat continua by the intrinsic approach
15. Bagdasaryan V.: Thermal stresses in elastic periodic laminates
16. Banaszkiewicz M.: The creep behaviour of high-temperature rotating components with power-law constitutive models
17. Bar O.: Fast algorithm for flux around closely spaced non-overlapping disks
18. Bartel T., Kiefer B., Buckmann K., Menzel A.: Application of quasiconvex analysis: enhanced micromechanical modelling of martensitic phase transformations and numerical implementation
19. Baumgart M., Steinboeck A., Saxinger M., Kugi A.: Elasto-plastic bending of steel strip in a hot-dip galvanizing line
20. Bąk Ł., Noga S., Stachowicz F.: Numerical and experimental analysis of the screen operation in the parametric resonance conditions
21. Bąk Ł., Stachowicz F., Trzepieciński T., Bosiakov S., Rogosin S.: Strain hardening effect on elastic-plastic contact of a rigid sphere against a deformable flat
22. Beluch W., Hatłas M.: Multiscale evolutionary optimization of functionally graded materials
23. Berinskii I., Altenbach H.: Dependence of the elastic properties of two-dimensional crystals on their curvature
24. Bielski J., Skoczeń B.: Modified constitutive model of discontinuous plastic flow in intermetallic composites
25. Bielski W., Wojnar R.: Laminar flow past the bottom with obstacles – from suspension to porous medium
26. Bigda J., Klimanek A., Chmielniak T., Adamczyk W., Szlęk A., Stelmach S.: Numerical modelling of CO2 enriched gasification of coal in a pressurized circulating fluidized bed reactor
27. Bitzas G., Stavroulakis G.E.: Design and topology optimization of an aluminium alloy wheel
28. Błachowski B., Gutkowski W., Wiśniewski P.: Dynamic substructuring approach for human induced vibration of a suspension footbridge
29. Błaszczyk T.: Derivation and numerical solution of fractional Euler-Bernoulli beam equation
30. Błażejewski P., Kucharczyk A., Korentz J.: Buckling curve for reinforcing steel bars
31. Bobiński J., Tejchman J.: Simulations of cracks in concrete with gradual transition from continuous to discontinuous description
32. Bochenek B., Tajs-Zielińska K.: Optimization of structural topology using unstructured Cellular Automata
33. Bochkarev S.A., Lekomtsev S.V., Matveenko V.P.: Hydroelastic stability of thin-walled structures interacting with liquids
34. Bodaszewski W., Markiewicz I.: New structures shaped with the SADSF method and their properties in elastic state
35. Bogacz R.: Frictional wear of a wheel-rail system depending on material hardness
36. Bogusławski A., Tyliszczak A., Wawrzak K.: Absolutely unstable round hot jet – a numerical study
37. Bohdal Ł., Patyk R.: A mesh-free particle model for simulation of trimming of aluminum alloy sheet
38. Böhm E., Kurek M., Łagoda T.: Fatigue life assessment with the use of exponential and power law functions for variable amplitude loading
39. Bolanowski K.: Influence of temperature on the creep limit of microalloyed steel containing Nb, V and N
40. Bolzon G., Pandi P.: The influence of imperfect interfaces on the overall mechanical response of metal-matrix composites
41. Bołbotowski K., Sokół T.: New method of generating Strut and Tie models using truss topology optimization
42. Borsuk G., Dobrowolski B., Tomaszewska B.: Numerical study of slotted orifices shape influence on the downstream pressure distribution
43. Brudło K., Nowak M.S., Morzyński M., Bronny P.: Biomimetic optimisation – differences dnd similarities in comparison to the SIMP method
44. Bucior M., Gałda L., Stachowicz F., Zielecki W.: The effect of technological parameters of shot peening on surface roughness of 51CrV4 steel
45. Bukała J., Damaziak K., Kroszczyński K., Krzeszowiec M., Małachowski J., Sobczak K.: Analysis approach for a diffusor augmented small wind turbine rotor
46. Buśkiewicz J.: Geometric analysis of a 1-DOF, six-link feeder
47. Butzke J.E., Bargmann S.: High-temperature deformation of polysynthetically twinned crystals of TiAl – numerical modeling of yield point
48. Bzowski K., Bachniak D., Rauch Ł., Pietrzyk M.: The use of a statistical representation of the microstructure in multiscale modelling of deformation of TRIP steels
49. Cecot W., Milewski S., Orkisz J.: Measurement aided computation of extensible cable deflections
50. Cecot W., Oleksy M., Krówczyński M.: Study of convergence of the multigrid homogenization
51. Cekus D., Posiadała B., Waryś P.: Procedure for automatic solution of free vibration problem of Timoshenko beam with attachments
52. Chajec W., Dziubiński A.: Modal approach in the fluid-structure interaction
53. Chalecki M., Jemielita G.: Free vibrations and buckling stability of micro-nonhomogeneous plate band resting on an elastic subsoil
54. Chikahiro Y., Ario I., Holnicki-Szulc J., Pawłowski P., Graczykowski C.: Study on the optimization of the reinforced scissor type bridge
55. Chiliński B., Pakowski R.: Analysis of bending and torsional vibrations of rotors with using perturbation methods
56. Chodór J., Żurawski Ł.: Investigations on the chip shape and its upsetting and shortening ratios and surface roughness in partial symmetric face milling process of aluminium alloy AW-7075 and the simulation of the process with the use of FEM
57. Chróścielewski J., Witkowski W., Sobczyk B., Sabik A.: First ply failure FEA of laminated shells undergoing large displacements – 6 parameter shell theory approach
58. Chuda-Kowalska M., Malendowski M.: Sensitivity analysis of behaviour of sandwich plate with PU foam core with respect to boundary conditions and material model
59. Chwiałkowska K., Garstecki A., Rzeszut K.: Stability FEM analysis of steel members restrained by sheeting accounting for imperfections
60. Chybiński M., Garstecki A.: Influence of rib configuration on stability of thin walled steel beams
61. Cichocki K., Ruchwa M.: Distribution of damage in unconventionally reinforced concrete slabs subjected to impact loads
62. Cieszko M., Bednarek T., Czerwiński T.: Stationary flow of non-wetting liquid through layer of unsaturated porous material
63. Cieszko M., Kempiński M.: Application of capillary and random chain models in mercury intrusion porosimetry
64. Cieszko M., Szczepański Z., Kempiński M., Gadzała P., Burzyński M.: Application of Micro Computed Thomography and Mercury Porosimetry to determination of internal structure of aerated concrete
65. Cieszko M.: Macroscopic description of capillary transport of liquid and gas in unsaturated porous materials
66. Cyganik Ł., Binkowski M., Kokot G., Rusin T., Popik P., Bolechała F., Nowak R., Wróbel Z., John A.: Experimental verification of the relationships between Young’s modulus and bone density using Digital Image Correlation
67. Czado B., Wrana B.: Method of prediction of load-settlement curve for a single pile
68. Czapla R.: Simulations of random geometric objects on the plane and their applications
69. Czarnecki S., Czubacki R., Lewiński T., Wawruch P.: The Free Material Design reduced to the Monge-Kantorovich problem
70. Czarnecki S., Czubacki R., Lewiński T.: Topology optimization of spatial continuum structures made of a non-homogeneous material of cubic symmetry
71. Czarnecki S., Czubacki R., Wawruch P.: Stress based version of isotropic material design in two dimensions
72. Dai H., Song Z.: A consistent plate theory for compressible hyperelastic materials
73. Dalewski R.T., Jóźwiak R., Kobyliński O., Rafał K., Szumbarski J.: Design of a low power wind turbine adjusted to near-ground higher turbulence
74. Daszkiewicz K., Chróścielewski J., Witkowski W.: Global postbuckling analysis of functionally graded box section cantilever
75. Denisiewicz A., Kuczma M.: Two-scale elastic-plastic model of RPC in the plane stress state
76. Djoković J.M., Nikolić R.R., Bujnak J.: Influence of the weld geometry on the Stress Intensity Factor (SIF) of the cylindrical welded joint subjected to complex load
77. Długosz A., Jarosz P.: Multiobjective optimization of electrothermal microactuators by means of Immune Game Theory MultiObjective Algorithm
78. Dłużewski P., Tauzowski P.: FE modelling of residual stresses and void formation observed during the growth of semicondutor layers
79. Dobroskok A., Linkov A.M., Rybarska-Rusinek L.: On simulation and interpretation of seismicity accompanying hydraulic fractures
80. Dobry M.W.: Energy efficiency of vibroisolation with constant reaction force (VCRF)
81. Doliński Ł., Krawczuk M., Palacz M., Żak A.: Detection of damages in a riveted plate
82. Doliński Ł., Krawczuk M.: Application of experimental modal analysis and wavelet transformation for damage localisation in a composite wind turbine blade
83. Domagalski Ł., Jędrysiak J.: Nonlinear dynamic response of periodically inhomogeneous Rayleigh beams
84. Drelich R., Piwakowski B., Kaczmarek M.: Influence of frequency range of surface waves on estimation of parameters of heterogeneous concrete using non-contact method
85. Dróżdż A., Elsner W., Kępiński A.: Investigation of turbulent boundary layers at moderate Reynolds number in the vicinity of separation
86. Duda S., Gąsiorek D., Gembalczyk G., Kciuk S., Mężyk A.: Design of fuzzy logic controller for a unloading system in mechatronic device for gait reeducation
87. Dudzik A., Radoń U.: The reliability assessment of a steel industrial hall
88. Dusthakar D.K., Menzel A., Svendsen B.: Numerical modelling of the rate-dependent polarisation switching in ferroelectric materials based on a sequential laminate approach
89. Dziatkiewicz G.: Optimal design of eigenfrequencies for a functionally graded piezoelectric plate by two-scale model and harmony search
90. Dziewiecki K., Prochowski L., Zielonka K.: Modelling and experimental investigation of the motion of a microbus passenger in the space between seat rows during a road accident
91. Dzikowski M., Rokicki J.: Accuracy of Lattice Boltzmann Method in application to multiphase tribological flows
92. Egner W., Mroziński S., Egner H., Sulich P.: Effect of temperature rate in modelling non-isothermal fatigue of steel
93. Eisenträger J., Naumenko K., Altenbach H.: A layer-wise user element for the analysis of photovoltaic modules
94. Ekiert M., Młyniec A., Uhl T.: Prediction of the polymer degradation: a molecular dynamics study
95. Eremeyev V.A., Altenbach H.: On the plates and shells with initial surface stresses
96. Ermis M., Eratli N., Omurtag M.H.: The effect of the impulsive dynamic loads on the barrel type helicoidal bars
97. Falach L., Segev R.: On the optimization of hyper-stress fields
98. Faściszewski Ł., Łodygowski T., Jankowiak T.: Numerical modelling of aluminium foam based on quasi-static compression test
99. Felisiak P., Sibilski K., Wróblewski W.: Nonlinear model of spacecraft relative motion in an elliptical orbit
100. Fialko S.: Quadrilateral finite element for analysis of reinforced concrete structures
101. Fiborek P.: Modeling of adhesive contacts in composite materials
102. Filippov S.: Buckling and optimal design of a cylindrical shell stiffened by annular plates
103. Fityka A., Ryfa A., Walencki Ł., Buliński Z., Adamczyk W.: Numerical and experimental study of the car aerodynamics
104. Flis L.: Static and dynamic accidental load analysis of Jet Hoods
105. Floricel A., Zagari G., Benzar S., Ungureanu V.: Numerical analysis of thin-walled cold-formed steel column-base over-roofing solutions
106. Frąś L., Pęcherski R.B.: Viscoplasticity of magnetorheological materials – theoretical description and experimental investigations
107. Gaćeša M., Jelenić G.: Objectivity of strain measures in the fixed-pole approach
108. Gajewski J., Mikulski T.: Structural sensitivity analysis of telecommunication tower
109. Gajewski T., Stępak H., Szajek K., Łodygowski T., Stanisić M.G., Oszkinis G.: Numerical aspects of patient specific material calibration of human artery: case study using clinical data
110. Gambin B., Kruglenko E., Byra M., Nowicki A., Piotrzkowska-Wróblewska H., Dobruch-Sobczak K.: Changes in ultrasound echoes of a breast tissue in vivo after exposure to heat – a case study
111. Gambin B., Kruglenko E., Secomski W., Karwat P.: Temperature dependencies of ultrasound signals backscattered from an agar-oil soft-tissue mimicking material
112. Garbachevsky V., Veremeichik A., Khvisevitch V., Rakhuba V.: Axisymmetric problem of non-uniform thermoelasticity
113. Garstecki A., Rzeszut K., Polus Ł., Klój M., Terech M.: The impact of fire situation on the static and stability response of the bearing steel structure
114. Gaweł D., Główka P., Nowak M.: Digitally reconstructed radiograph procedure for modifying 3D model to meet the intraoperative vertebrae location
115. Gawryluk J., Teter A.: Numerical modal analysis of three-blade helicopter rotor model elaborated with the FEM
116. Gedik Y.H., Celik O.C.: 3D modeling and structural evaluation of ancient bozdogan (Valens) aqueduct in Istanbul
117. Gilewski W., Kłosowska J., Obara P.: Form finding of tensegrity structures via singular value decomposition of compatibility matrix
118. Gilewski W., Pełczyński J.: Truss model of origami inspired folded structures
119. Glushkov E., Glushkova N., Eremin A., Lammering R.: Investigation of resonance diffraction by hidden obstacles using laminate element method
120. Gluzman S., Mityushev V., Nawalaniec W.: Effective conductivity and critical properties of 2D composites
121. Grabski J.K., Kołodziej J.A.: Generalized Newtonian fluid flow and heat transfer in an internally finned tube
122. Grabski J.K., Mierzwiczak M.: Creeping flow of a power-law fluid through a fibrous porous media
123. Graca P., Muszka K., Majta J.: Selection of the proper work hardening law for non-linear deformation conditions
124. Grębowski K., Hirsz M., Nadolny A., Wilde K.: Parametric analysis of Istanbul’s Ring Road viaduct for three levels of seismic load
125. Grigorenko Y., Bespalova E., Urusova G.: Some features of vibrations of compound shells of revolution
126. Grobbelaar M.: Stabilization of a magneto-elastic Mindlin-Timoshenko plate model
127. Grochowska K., Marynowski K.: Dynamic behaviour of three layer composite cantilever beam with viscoelastic core
128. Gruber P.G., Vetyukov Y., Krommer M.: Plastic deformation of axially moving continuum in mixed Eulerian-Lagrangian formulation
129. Grucelski A., Pozorski J.: A numerical scheme of shift-periodic boundary condition for LBM
130. Grucelski A.: Propagation of thermal and reaction fronts in a simple granular medium
131. Grygorowicz M., Jasion P., Magnucki K., Paczos P.: Strength and elastic buckling of a shell of revolution with meridian in the versiera of Agnesi shape
132. Grymin W., Koniorczyk M., Gawin D.: Mathematical model of concrete degradation due to the alkali-silica reaction at the mesoscopic level
133. Grzejda R.: New method of modelling nonlinear multi-bolted systems
134. Guminiak M., Pawlak Z.: An application of the Boundary Element Method to the analysis of initial stability of plates
135. Guzowski S., Michnej M.: Fretting wear simulation in model studies
136. Gzik M., Wolański W., Gzik-Zroska B., Joszko K., Burkacki M., Suchoń S.: The impact of ergonomic factors influencing armoured vehicle crew safety
137. Hammoutene M., Tiliouine B., Benahmed B.: Numerical investigation of the effects of damping uncertainties on Algerian seismic code spectra by Monte Carlo simulation
138. Harlecki A., Urbaś A.: Dynamics of the RUSP linkage mechanism with friction in the joints
139. Hartmann S., Rothe S., Grafenhorst M., Erbts P., Düster A.: Theory and numerics of monolithic and partitioned thermo-mechanical coupling
140. Hashemiyan Z., Packo P., Staszewski W.J., Uhl T.: Rescaling procedure in the Local Interaction Simulation Approach for shear wave propagation modelling in magnetic resonance elastography
141. Henclik S.: Numerical study on water hammer with fluid-structure interaction in a straight pipeline fixed with viscoelastic supports
142. Henry C., Minier J.: A stochastic approach for the deposition and resuspension of complex multilayered structures
143. Hołowaty J., Zimny G.: Numerical models for live load distribution in a multi-span steel-concrete composite bridge
144. Hostikka S.: Advances in the computation of fires interacting with structures
145. Humer A., Vu-Quoc L., Steinbrecher I.: Complete modeling of the dynamics of sliding beams with large deformation
146. Idczak E., Stręk T.: Optimization of auxetic structures using MMA algorithm
147. Idzikowski R., Misiurek K., Śniady P.: Dynamic response of sandwich beam with periodic core due to fuzzy stochastic moving load
148. Innocenti A., Chibbaro S., Salvetti M.V., Marchioli C., Soldati A.: A stochastic model for Lagrangian particle tracking in large-eddy simulation velocity fields
149. Iwicki P., Wójcik M., Sondej M., Rejowski K., Kuczyńska N., Tejchman J.: FE analyses on buckling of cylindrical silos composed of horizontally corrugated sheets
150. Jackiewicz J.: Optimization of structures of modern materials using a new hybrid evolution strategy
151. Jamroz K., Burzyński S., Witkowski W., Wilde K., Bagiński G.: Numerical methods for the assessment of bridge safety barriers
152. Jankowiak I.: XFEM analysis of intermediate crack debonding of FRP strengthened RC beams
153. Januszkiewicz M., Pesavento F., Grymin W., Gawin D.: Modelling the strains induced by Delayed Ettringite Formation in cement-based materials
154. Jarzębowska E., Szewczyk A.: Design of a switching tracking controller for a manipulator after its actuator failure
155. Jarzębski P., Wiśniewski K.: On calculation of effective material properties using RVE method by parallelized FE code for shell applications
156. Jasiewicz M., Powałka B.: Receptance coupling for turning with a follower rest
157. Jasion P., Wittenbeck L.: Numerical investigation of bending and buckling of seven-layer sandwich plates
158. Jaśkowiec J., Milewski S.: Coupling of Finite Element Method and meshless finite difference method with nonconforming approximation orders
159. Jaworska I., Orkisz J.: On the application of multipoint meshless method to the nonlinear analysis
160. Jaworski D., Linkov A.M., Rybarska-Rusinek L.: Almost analytical evaluation of influence coefficients for ordinary and edge power-type boundary elements
161. Jedliński T.I., Buśkiewicz J.: Analysis of the influence of differences in strength parameters of steel S235 on passive safety of lighting columns
162. Jeleniewicz K., Nagórko W.: Free vibrations of plates reinforced by rods – the homogenization with micro – local parameters
163. Jędrysiak J., Pazera E.: Tolerance modelling of thermoelastic phenomena in functionally graded laminates
164. Jędrysiak J.: Tolerance modelling of dynamics of microstructured functionally graded plates
165. Jędrysiak J.: Tolerance modelling of vibrations of visco-elastic thin periodic plates with moderately large deflections
166. Joszko K., Gzik M., Wolański W., Gzik-Zroska B., Burkacki M., Suchoń S., Muszyński A., Zielonka K.: Safety analysis of passengers of public transport during frontal impact
167. Jurek M., Ziemiański L.: Damage detection and evaluation in GFRP strip based on elastic wave propagation and support vector machines classification
168. Kacianauskas R., Kacinskaja I., Maknickas A., Markauskas D., Rojek J.: Simulation of attractive motion of silica microparticles in aerosol under acoustic excitation
169. Kacprzyk Z., Ostapska-Łuczkowska K.: Available numerical implementations of isogeometric analysis
170. Kalinowski M.: Inverted joined-wing multidisciplinary optimization
171. Kałduński P.: Plane anisotropy parameters identification based on Barlat’s model
172. Kamiński M.M., Pokusiński B.: Reliability of the axisymmetric shell structure by the response function method and the generalized stochastic perturbation technique
173. Kapanadze D., Mishuris G., Pesetskaya E.: Remarks on effective conductivity of nonlinear 2D doubly periodic composites
174. Kardaś D., Polesek-Karczewska S., Ciżmiński P.: Dynamics of heat and mass transfer in a moving reactive granular bed
175. Kasprzak T., Konderla P., Kutyłowski R., Waśniewski G.: A method of estimating the stability coefficient of a considerably degraded cooling tower
176. Kawa O., Litewka P.: Numerical analysis of contact between 3-D beams with deformable circular cross sections
177. Kazimierska-Drobny K., Kaczmarek M.: Chemo-mechanical and thermal behaviour of PVA hydrogels
178. Kęcik K., Mitura A.: Influence of active elements on the pendulum’s rotational motion for energy harvesting
179. Kędra R., Rucka M.: Wave propagation for diagnostics of connections in steel structures
180. Kędzia P., Kosma Z.: Bending of thin rectangular polyethylene plate with ferrofluid in inhomogeneous magnetic field
181. Kim D., Segev R.: Notes on the mechanics of the octopus’s arm
182. Klimanek A., Adamczyk W., Węcel G., Szlęk A.: The effect of granular temperature formulation in the two-fluid model for a turbulent fluidization of glass beads
183. Klimczak M., Cecot W.: Integration of hp-adaptive FEM and local numerical homogenization
184. Kluska J.: Effect of biomass settling in the fixed bed gasification reactor
185. Knitter-Piątkowska A., Guminiak M.: Application of the Discrete Wavelet Transform to defect localization in plates
186. Kokot S.: Progressive collapse of a reinforced concrete flat slab frame under column removal
187. Kołakowski Z., Kotełko M.: Dynamic buckling and dynamic progressive buckling of open-section columns
188. Kołakowski Z., Kowal-Michalska K., Mania R.: Global and local elastic-plastic stability of FML columns of open and closed cross-section
189. Kołodziej J.A., Mierzwiczak M., Grabski J.K.: Computer simulation of the effective viscosity in Brinkman’s filtration equation using the Trefftz method
190. Königsberger M., Pichler B., Hellmich C.: Micromechanics of hydrating cement pastes considering progressive C-S-H gel densification
191. Koniorczyk M., Gawin D.: Modelling the frost-induced damage in fully saturated cement-based materials
192. Korczak S.: Dynamics of underactuated mechanical systems in control task
193. Kornet S., Badur J.: Partial evaporation and total cut-off wet steam region on the shock wave
194. Korobeynikov S.N., Alyokhin V.V., Annin B.D., Babichev A.V.: Dynamic buckling simulation of single-layer graphene sheets by the molecular mechanics method
195. Korol E., Tejchman J.: FE analyses of a coupled energetic-statistical size effect in concrete beams under bending
196. Kotarski A., Więckowski Z.: Two-dimensional FE analysis of confined concrete column
197. Koutsianitis P., Foutsitzi G., Drosopoulos G.A., Tairidis G.K., Stavroulakis G.E.: Optimally tuned fuzzy control for smart, possibly damaged piezocomposites
198. Kovacevic S., Markovic N.: A numerical analysis of the ultimate strength of longitudinally unstiffened girders subjected to patch loading
199. Kowalczyk-Gajewska K., Frydrych K., Maj M., Urbański L.: Micromechanical modelling of magnesium alloy and its experimental verification
200. Kozicki J., Tejchman J.: Investigations of vortex and anti-vortex structures in sand during plane strain compression by DEM
201. Kozłowski T., Kudela H.: Flow patters generated by a flapping airfoil
202. Krajewski M., Iwicki P., Sałyk N.: Analysis of sloping brace stiffness influence on stability and load bearing capacity of a truss
203. Krasovsky V.L., Lykhachova O.V.: Cylindrical shells with one longitudinal cut under different conditions of axial compression
204. Krzysiak A.: Experimental investigation of the innovative flow control blowing devices
205. Kucwaj J.: The influence of different equivalent boundary conditions on approximate solution to a potential problem
206. Kuczek T.: Application of manufacturing constraints method to structural optimization of AEC thin-walled structures
207. Kudela H., Kosior A.: Vortex-in-cell method and parallel computations
208. Kudela H.: Collapse vortices and filamentary structures
209. Kukla D., Kowalewski Z.L.: Influence of aluminum layer thickness on the fatigue properties of super-nickel alloy
210. Kukla D., Staszczak M., Pieczyska E., Heljak M., Szlązak K., Świąszkowski W., Cristea M., Tobushi H., Hayashi S.: Evaluation of the properties of polymeric foams with shape memory under load
211. Kula D., Radzikowska A., Wierzbicki E.: Impact of tolerance averaging of heat transfer equation into exact description of a boundary effect phenomenon
212. Kula K., Socha T.: Rheology of wooden beams reinforced by CFRP with discontinuities
213. Kulesa A., Kurek A., Łagoda T., Achtelik H.: The lifetime of steel specimens under strain-controlled cyclic bending
214. Kulpa M., Siwowski T.: Modelling and numerical analysis of GFRP composite panels of bridge deck
215. Kureš M.: Subgroups of jet groups and material symmetries
216. Kurnik W., Perek A., Przybyłowicz P.M.: Double-source flutter in a discrete-continuous rotor/bearing system with magnetic fluid
217. Kuś W., Górecki D., Makowski P.: Stochastic multiscale analysis of bioscaffolds
218. Kutyłowski R., Szwechłowicz M.: Topology optimization as a tool for road pavement structure analysis
219. Kyzioł J., Okniński A.: Metamorphoses of resonance curves in systems of coupled oscillators
220. Lachowicz J., Rucka M.: GPR simulation for diagnostics of reinforced concrete structures
221. Lasowicz N., Jankowski R.: Numerical analysis on the effectiveness of polymer element in reduction of temporary steel grandstand vibrations under crowd load
222. Latalski J., Warmiński J.: Dynamics of a rotating thin-walled composite beam mounted on in-plane moving hub
223. Lengiewicz J., Kursa M., Hołobut P.: Actuation by reconfiguration-modular active structures to create Programmable Matter
224. Lewandowski R., Baum M.: Free vibrations of multi-layered beams with fractional-derivative viscoelastic layers
225. Lewandowski R., Przychodzki M., Pawlak Z.: Numerical analysis of the influence of temperature on the dynamic characteristics of structures with viscoelastic dampers
226. Lewiński P.M., Rak M.: Soil-structure interaction of cylindrical water tanks with linearly varying wall thickness
227. Liebold C.: Determination of elastic material parameters in higher-order continua based on size-dependent bending behavior of epoxy and SU-8
228. Linkov A.M.: Modified theory, universal asymptotic umbrella and efficient simulation of hydraulic fracturing
229. Lis M., Dziubiński A., Galiński C., Goetzendorf-Grabowski T.: Dynamic stability analysis of the inverted joined wing scaled demonstrator
230. Litewka P.: Electro-mechanical multiple-point beam-to-beam contact
231. Lünemann B., Wings E., Chlebus E.: Calibration of a parallel kinematic machine tool utilizing a MEMS inertial measurment unit
232. Lychev S., Lycheva T.: Theoretical and experimental study of thin-walled growing laminated structures
233. Łasecka-Plura M., Lewandowski R.: Frequency response function of structures with viscoelastic dampers and its design sensitivity analysis
234. Łuczkowski M., Ostapska-Łuczkowska K., Cecot W.: Comparison of IGA and FEM for the Poisson benchmark PDE
235. Łukasiak T.: HS(ro) – an isotropic material interpolation scheme based on Hashin-Shtrikman variational bounds
236. Maciejewski I., Krzyżyński T.: Modelling of the vibration reduction system used for protection of working machine operators
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