Congress programme



Please note, that the posted version includes several improvements made to the Programme, current as of August 28th, 2015!
The improvements have been made at the request of a number of Participants for whom such a replacement of their paper presentation will be beneficial.
However, these amendments do not swap the order and dates of presentations of those Participants who did not report any change requests (at worst they accelerate/delay their presentation by 15 minutes).

Please take into account, that if for any reason the proposed date and time of your Paper Presentation
is unsatisfactory for you and you want to make a change in the Congress programme, the change is possible.
In that case, please contact the Congress Secretary via e-mail: or

Please also note, that the plan and programme of the PCM-CMM-2015 Congress may further change due to unforeseeable circumstances, without any fault of the Organizing Committee!
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